‘Ablakwa’s latest findings on National Cathedral mere distortions’

The National Cathedral of Ghana Secretariat has refuted allegations by North Tongu Member of Parliament (MP), Mr Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, that it is engaged in identity theft.

The Secretariat has in a strongly worded press release described the latest ‘findings’  of the MP as a distortion of facts.

The North Tongu MP had alleged in his ‘National Cathedral Scandals – America Edition’ that the Secretariat was guilty of identity theft in the registration of the National Cathedral Foundation in the US.

The Foundation, he alleged, had been registered in the name of one Jose Salgado who he claimed was deceased.

“In arriving at this so-called identity theft, the MP distorts information on the registration documents by taking the Taxpayer ID number: 86-3859197 (Appendix 1) and disingenuously changes it to social security number, SSN: 863-85-9197 belonging to a deceased named, Jose Salgado (Appendix 2). He then proceeds to accuse the National Cathedral of using the ‘stolen’ identity of the deceased to register,” the Secretariat explained.

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