Ghana promotes proper handwashing to eradicate infectious diseases

The government of Ghana has pledged to prioritize proper handwashing practice across the country as a critical line of defense against infectious diseases.

   Archibald Yao Letsa, the regional minister of the Volta Region, made this pledge in his keynote speech during the national commemoration of the Global Handwashing Day on Sunday in Akatsi city, in southern Volta region.

   Letsa, also a medical doctor, emphasized that handwashing with soap under running water, though simple and inexpensive, “is very effective in the prevention and eradication of infectious diseases.”

   He expressed disappointment at the rolling back of the gains made in handwashing by the general public during the COVID-19 pandemic as the disease waned.

   Letsa pledged that the government would reintroduce handwashing facilities in all public places to entrench the culture of handwashing.

   “It is crucial that everyone has a place to wash their hands with soap under running water,” he said. “For people to embrace the practice of good hand hygiene, they need access to hand hygiene facilities conveniently located and user-friendly.”

   Letsa called on relevant institutions to ensure the installation of handwashing facilities in communities, schools, healthcare facilities, workplaces, and other public places of mass use.

   He also urged local government assemblies, churches, mosques, school authorities, and traditional councils to focus on creating appropriate places for handwashing in households, communities, schools, health facilities, and other meeting places

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