‘Trust Hospital will work to sustain quality healthcare’

MANAGEMENT of the Trust Hospital says it is poised to sustain its provision of quality healthcare to Ghanaians in 2024 and the years ahead.

It is confident that 2024 will be a better year, revealing that it had commenced programmes of work which would inform budgeting and procurement.

Chief Executive Officer of the facility, Dr. Juliana Oye Ameh, made the pledge when the hospital presented its strategic plan to its main shareholder, the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) on Monday.

Dubbed ‘Agenda 2027,’ the plan is a blue print of where the hospital wants to find itself.

 “The strategic plan has seven pillars, spanning leadership, finances, development of human capabilities , administration and infrastructure among others,” Dr Amey explained, adding, “we are hopeful that we will do better in 2024 and beyond by way of reinvigorating our traditional services.”

Steady progress

The past three years have progressive been getting better. The year 2020 was a very difficult one for the Hospital due to the COVID-19 pandemic which impacted heavily on its bottom-line.

The journey of recovery commenced in 2021, and has been making good progress in terms of profitability and quality care

Efforts to consolidate gains

The hospital had set up a monitoring and evaluation unit to track targets to be achieved in the strategic plan. The CEO disclosed that other plans were afoot to conduct painstaking assessments and reviews to inform sustained progress.

“We are also revamping our performance management system to ensure that staff are adequately aligned with the strategic plan.


The hospital will continue to collaborate with relevant professional institutions of higher learning to hone the skills of hospital staff and ensure their continuous professional development.

CSR has been impactful

The Hospital, she disclosed has been involved in corporate social responsibility, the flagship one being pink October where in the year 2022 we screened over 6000 women and men for breast cancer.

Impact, she indicated had been impressive, in terms of the throughput and increasing the publicity for the organisation and getting the general public to know more about us and what we do as a medical facility.

“It is shown by the numbers that visit the facility on daily basis for quality health care,” she said.

Sustainability, the name of the game

Touching on recent recognition by way of awards given to her and the hospital, Dr Amey said “for us sustainability is very important and one of our core values and we believe that we are here for the long haul and so we will keep good susta

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