Hi-Limit Group signs US$71bn deal to invest in Ghana’s gold, lithium sectors

Hi-Limit Group, a private development partner, has signed a 71-billion dollar Financing Agreement with Italian MAEC Finance Corporation to invest in Ghana’s Gold and Lithium mining Sector. 

As part of the agreement, the Italian counterpart will finance the Consolidated Mining Ghana Project CMG-71 while the Hi-Limit Group build Gold and Lithium refineries as well as rechargable lithium batteries manufacturing plants. 

A statement from the Hi-Limit Group said ABSA Bank Ghana Limited is the Project funds Administrator while A&B Global Mining and Fluor Corporation undertakes the explorations and construction of the mines, refineries, and lithium batteries manufacturing plants. 

The CMG- 71 seeks to develop several units of large-scale Gold and Lithium Mines across the 7 major gold belts and Lithium deposited areas in Ghana. 

The Consolidated Mining Ghana CMG-71 project is part of the five major projects being executed by Hi-Limit Group in support of Ghana’s economic recovery and socio-economic transformation drive, the statement said. 

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