StanChart Ghana CEO advocates gender-led investing at 3i Africa Summit

Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank Ghana, Mansa Nettey has emphasized the pivotal role of gender-led investing in fostering economic empowerment and innovation. Madam Nettey who was speaking at the inaugural 3i Africa Summit highlighted the significance of incorporating gender equality and women’s empowerment into investment strategies, particularly within the burgeoning tech sector.

Importance of Gender-Led Investing

During the Women in Tech breakout session, Mansa underscored the importance of supporting women-led businesses, noting their potential to drive proper representation and inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs. She stressed the need for ongoing investment in women-led tech ventures to cultivate a sustainable cycle of empowerment and encourage greater female participation in technology fields.

Standard Chartered’s Commitment

She showcased Standard Chartered’s commitment to investing in women-owned businesses through its Women in Technology Incubator Programme. Launched on November 10, 2020, the programme aims to promote prosperity and diversity in communities, with a focus on innovation and technology.

Investment Figures

Since its inception, Standard Chartered has invested over $450,000 in the Women in Technology Incubator Programme, benefiting 54 female enterprises to date. The programme serves as a platform for women entrepreneurs to build their capacity and realize their full potential in the business world.

Success Stories

Mansa shared inspiring success stories from the programme, including that of Audrey, a graduate from Ashesi University. Three years ago, Audrey founded Sabon Saki, an innovative agricultural company focused on environmental regeneration. Sabon Saki, meaning “to transform” in Hausa, aims to restore degraded soils and empower rural communities through sustainable agricultural practices.

Another success story highlighted by Mansa is Kodu Technology, a venture from the Women in Technology Incubator Programme. Founded by a member of cohort 3, Kodu Technology is dedicated to producing eco-friendly sanitary pads using banana and plantain fibers. Through meticulous research and development, Kodu Technology aims to address period poverty, provide jobs, and promote environmental sustainability in the northern region.

Challenges Faced by Women-Led Businesses

Despite these success stories, Mansa acknowledged the challenges faced by women-led businesses, particularly in accessing funding and support. She emphasized the importance of recognizing and addressing these barriers to foster a more inclusive and supportive business environment.


In closing, she reiterated Standard Chartered’s commitment to driving inclusive agendas and fostering women’s leadership in technology. She envisioned the transformative impact of scaling up investments in women-led innovations, emphasizing the potential for societal change, economic growth, and job creation.

Alignment with Summit Theme

The summit’s theme of investment, innovation, and impact resonated strongly with Standard Chartered’s Women in Tech programme, reflecting the bank’s ongoing efforts to promote gender equality and empower women in the technology sector.

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