Government admits to struggling with environmental impact of mining, calls for industry cooperation

Minister for Lands and Natural Resources Samuel Abu Jinapor has acknowledged the difficulties Ghana faces as it aims to become the mining hub of Africa.

In a speech at the ongoing West African Mining and Power Conference and Exhibition, Mr Jinapor emphasized the need for stakeholders in the industry to work together to balance the need for resource extraction with environmental protection, community development, and social responsibility.

Ghana’s mining industry has significant environmental implications, including water pollution and land degradation.  

While mining is essential for economic growth, the government recognizes the need for sustainable practices to mitigate its harmful effects.

According to the Minister, with three new large scale mines under construction; and with several Ghanaians working in the mining industry across the world; Ghana was, undoubtedly, the mining hub of Africa.

“We acknowledge the challenges and complexities that come with this feat, which we continue to work to surmount. Balancing the imperative of resource extraction with environmental protection, community development, and social responsibility is a delicate task, one that demands collaboration, innovation, and unwavering commitment to sustainable practices.” Mr Jinapor indicated.

The government had initiated programmes to promote sustainable mining practices, including investing in infrastructure and incentivizing exploration. However, Jinapor emphasized that a collaborative effort from all stakeholders was necessary to address the challenges facing the industry.

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