NEIP reaffirms commitment to supporting Ghanaian startups

The National Entrepreneurship Innovation Programme (NEIP) has reiterated its dedication to supporting startups in Ghana, leveraging technology to drive business excellence. With government and institutional backing, including the World Bank, NEIP aims to provide incentives for all startups in the country.

Since its inception in 2017, NEIP has focused on providing business development services, incubators, and funding for youth-owned businesses. Director of Business Support and Policy, Franklin Owusu Karikari, highlighted the program’s achievements and pledged increased support to young entrepreneurs.

Ghana has emerged as one of the top five countries in the global innovation space, with NEIP’s initiatives contributing significantly to this achievement. The programme has supported STEM innovation in high schools, with successful startups like Chicken Man and Pizza Man emerging from its presidential pitch initiative.

NEIP’s doors are open for young people to access support, with a focus on digital transformation and future trends like AI, cybersecurity, and digitalization. The programme aims to create a thriving entrepreneurial landscape, empowering youth-owned businesses to succeed.

With continued support from the World Bank, NEIP is poised to boost Ghana’s startup ecosystem, fostering innovation and economic growth. The government’s flagship policy initiative is committed to supporting young entrepreneurs, driving business excellence and economic transformation in Ghana.

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