Bessa Simons appeals for peace in music industry to secure fair compensation

The president of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), Bessa Simons, has called on all musicians to unite in support of efforts to secure royalties from their intellectual property.

The plea comes as the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), a sister organization of MUSIGA, faces several lawsuits that are hindering its ability to effectively collect and distribute royalties.

Speaking on the Creative Arts and Tourism segment of “Zed in the Morning,” Bessa Simons emphasized the need for peace within the industry to strengthen both MUSIGA and GHAMRO in their fight for fair compensation for musicians.

“The industry needs peace to ensure that MUSIGA and GHAMRO can effectively advocate for and protect the rights of musicians,” Simons said. “It’s crucial that we all come together to support these efforts, as our collective strength will be instrumental in securing the royalties we deserve.”

The ongoing legal battles have significantly impacted GHAMRO’s operations, making it difficult for the organization to fulfill its mandate. Simons’ call for unity highlights the importance of a cohesive approach in addressing these challenges and ensuring that musicians receive their rightful earnings from their intellectual property.

MUSIGA and GHAMRO have long been at the forefront of advocating for the rights of musicians in Ghana, working tirelessly to ensure that artists are fairly compensated for their work. The current situation underscores the need for solidarity among musicians to overcome the hurdles facing the industry.

As the lawsuits continue to unfold, the music community in Ghana watches closely, hopeful that a unified front will lead to a resolution that benefits all stakeholders involved. Simons’ appeal is a reminder of the power of unity and the critical role it plays in achieving progress and justice within the creative arts sector.

For now, the call to action is clear: musicians must come together, support one another, and stand firm in the fight for their rights and fair compensation.

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