Ghanaian Emirates cabin crew member shares top travel tips

Daniel Kumevor, a seasoned Emirates cabin crew member with over a decade of experience, shares his top travel tips, from packing smart to staying hydrated on long flights. Whether you’re dreaming of a career in the skies or just looking for travel advice, Daniel’s tips are sure to be helpful.

Packing Light and Smart

Daniel emphasizes the importance of packing versatile clothing that can handle any weather. “Choose items that can be worn in different ways, like cardigans or sarongs that can double as skirts or dresses,” he advises. He also suggests packing clothing that can be easily mixed and matched and using accessories to enhance your look. “Planning ahead based on your destination is key,” Daniel notes.

He also recommends keeping colors simple and creating a wardrobe that can be mixed and matched for any weather situation. An unexpected item he always packs? “A mini bag that wraps around the chest, which I purchased in Barcelona. It helps keep my belongings safe and organized.”

Staying Hydrated and Energized

To stay hydrated on long flights, Daniel advises avoiding salty foods and drinking plenty of water and refreshing beverages. Adjusting your sleep schedule to beat jet lag is also crucial. “Go for walks in the sunlight to adjust your body clock and boost energy,” he says. “Stay hydrated, eat nutritious food, and maintain a regular workout routine.”

For in-flight exercises, Daniel recommends peppermint tea, which aids digestion and is caffeine-free. His favorite in-flight snack is a handful of roasted nuts, which keeps him energized for hours.

Ghanaian Hospitality in the Skies

Daniel takes pride in bringing Ghanaian warmth and hospitality to his passengers. “Offer a warm welcome with a genuine smile from boarding throughout the flight, along with genuine assistance,” he says. He recalls a memorable experience of taking care of an elderly lady on a flight from Dubai to Dar es Salaam, who could not eat by herself due to health reasons. “Her gratitude and blessings have stayed with me,” he shares.

Mini Layover Adventures

Daniel turns short layovers into exciting mini-adventures by planning and bonding with colleagues. He has visited iconic sites such as The Acropolis, The Colosseum, The Eiffel Tower, and The Great Wall of China during layovers. His funniest travel mishap? “Forgetting to pack winter clothes and sneakers for a layover in Zurich. I laughed at myself and just stayed at the hotel to enjoy their hospitality.”

Budgeting Like a Pro

Daniel’s top tip for managing money while living the cabin crew lifestyle is to budget a specific amount each month for savings and emergencies. “Emirates provides accommodation, transportation, and layover expenses, allowing crew members to spend their money as preferred,” he notes.

Travel First Aid Must-Haves

In his travel first aid kit, Daniel always carries an inhaler for altitude changes and pain relief medications. He once had to use his first aid kit for medication during a case of food poisoning in Bali.

Long Flight Comforts

To stay comfortable on long flights, Daniel recommends noise-cancelling headphones and earplugs for a restful sleep. “I also use a face spray with natural ingredients to hydrate my face and a hand lotion with relaxing oils,” he says.

Language Tools for World Travelers

Daniel’s favorite language app is the “TRANSLATE” app on his company-provided iPad. He also researches the destination’s language and attractions beforehand. With over 140 nationalities in the cabin crew community, there is usually someone who speaks the language of the specific route and can assist with translation.

Travel-Friendly Beauty Secrets

Daniel’s top beauty tip is to hydrate your skin before the flight using Shea butter from Ghana.

Handling Travel Surprises

To stay calm and collected when travel plans change unexpectedly, Daniel remains positive and open to new challenges, seeing every situation as an opportunity for growth.

Showcasing Diversity and Inclusivity

As a male cabin crew member, Daniel brings humor, elegance, gentleness, and assurance of safety and security to the team. He feels proud to represent Ghana on international stages, such as during the historic EK 787 flight on October 2, 2018, when Emirates’ A380 landed in Accra. “I felt extremely proud of my heritage,” he says.

For those considering a career as a cabin crew member, Daniel advises, “Regardless of gender, being a cabin crew member with Emirates is an eye-opening career, and the iconic uniform will bring out elegance in you.”

Join Emirates Cabin Crew

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