Ecotourism: New wildlife law in the offing

GHANA is considering introducing a new wildlife law to make the most of its wildlife resources to boost ecotourism.

   The proposed Wildlife Resources Management Act, awaiting presidential assent, will revise all laws relating to wildlife and protected areas to conform with existing policies and emerging trends in the natural resources sector, said Nyadia Sulemana Nelson, deputy chief executive of the Forestry Commission, at the annual media briefing.

Sulemana said the Act will also encourage private investments into the establishment and management of zoos and private wildlife sanctuaries, and empower local communities to participate in wildlife management.


“The private sector has already demonstrated interest in participating in the development of the sector, so we need to create an enabling environment with a strong regulatory framework,” Nelson added.

   “We believe the ecotourism in Ghana will generate more tourism revenue and foreign exchange,” said Richard Gyimah, the director for ecotourism at the commission.

   Ghana boasts an abundance of ecotourism resources. According to the Forestry Commission, the country’s ecotourism sites attracted about 400,000 tourists in 2023

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