Euracare Hospital  celebrates Dr Sarkodie

EURACARE Hospital has announced  the celebration of its Medical Director, Dr. Benjamin Dabo Sarkodie for his contribution to medical history in Ghana and across the globe.

Management of the facility in a statement said the conferrment of  the distinguished title of Associate Professor of Interventional Radiology by the University of Ghana Medical School was a historic milestone.

 The statement said the groundbreaking achievement marked a significant moment in Ghana’s medical history, highlighting Dr. Sarkodie’s exceptional contributions and expertise in the field, both locally and internationally.

As the Head of Radiology and later as the Medical Director at Euracare, Dr. Sarkodie’s visionary leadership has been transformative. His affiliation with Euracare has fostered a dynamic synergy between academia and real-world medical advancements, benefitting both the institution and the broader healthcare community, especially in Ghana.

Under his guidance, the hospital has experienced unprecedented growth and excellence in advanced diagnostics and care. Dr. Sarkodie’s expertise has been instrumental in positioning Euracare as a trailblazer in interventional radiology procedures, particularly the groundbreaking brain aneurysm coiling, solidifying its reputation as a hub for cutting-edge minimally invasive interventions in West Africa.

This distinguished appointment not only underscores Dr. Sarkodie’s expertise but also emphasizes Euracare’s commitment to fostering top-tier medical talent. In his role as Vice President of the Ghana Association of Radiologists, Dr. Sarkodie’s influence is likely to help propel advancements in the field, further elevating both Euracare’s standing and Ghana’s healthcare trajectory.

Dr Sarkodie says, “I am honoured by this appointment as Associate Professor of Interventional Radiology by the University of Ghana Medical School. This recognition is a testament to the collective efforts of the entire Euracare team and our commitment to advancing medical excellence in Ghana. I look forward to continuing to contribute to the radiology field and further elevate the standards of healthcare at Euracare and beyond.”

Euracare Hospital extends heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Benjamin Sarkodie on this momentous achievement.

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