UNDP grants $180,000 to CSOs to advance environmental stewardship

THE United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), under its Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEFSGP), has awarded grants of about $ 180,000 to eight Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Ghana.

 This is to enhance biodiversity management, governance, and sustainable livelihood activities.

The grant is the fourth direct funding support to the Civil Society Organizations in the Weto Landscape in the South Afadzato socio-ecological production landscapes of the Volta Region of Ghana. Key activities being supported under the grant include the acquisition of improved technologies for transforming nature-based raw materials into finished products that meet national and international standards.

“UNDP is committed to supporting Ghana by empowering civil society organizations with entrepreneurial skills through training, innovation, technology transfer, knowledge management, and access to financial resources to foster sustainable development and address societal challenges”, noted Sukhrob Khoshmukhamedov, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in Ghana.

The grant initiatives will support the documentation of sacred groves along the Afadzato South socio-ecological production landscape and improve community knowledge on conservation and sustainable harvesting of medicinal plants from the wild. Additionally, the initiatives will modernize apiculture and processing of organic honey to meet international standards.

“As we embark on this journey of environmental stewardship, this grant marks a crucial step in our efforts to address environmental challenges. Let us harness the power of collaboration and innovation to drive meaningful change in safeguarding our natural heritage for future generations”, said George Ortsin, the UNDP GEF SGP Project Coordinator.

The Chairman of UNDP GEF Small Grant Programme’s National Steering Committee, Dr. King-David Amoah noted that, “this grant has come at the opportune time, and this shows how UNDP GEF-SGP is keen on investing in biodiversity conservation and climate-smart agriculture. Through a transition to organic farming, we will work to address health concerns stemming from chemical use and pave the way for food security in Ghana”.

The CSOs awarded pledged to restore the protected areas and put in place the necessary conservation measures to ensure biodiversity conservation in Ghana.

“We wish to render our sincere gratitude to UNDP GEF SGP. We are dedicated to working hard to accelerate development progress”, noted Pascal Benson Atiglah, a grantee.

The grant is to complement UNDP’s efforts in restoring the Weto landscape. Over the years, through UNDP GEF Small Grant Programme, the Weto Platform was formed, comprising CSOs, traditional authorities, and Government institutions. Activities over the years under the platform included the conservation of 135,500 hectares of ridge forestland as a community-managed natural regeneration area. Out of this, 15,000 hectares have been placed under agroforestry and sustainable land management, improving livelihoods.

Activities under the new grant will advance environmental stewardship, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Ghana.

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