GSA moves to ensure reduction in cargo clearance costs

In a proactive move aimed at addressing the recurring issue of high business costs at the port, the Ghana Shippers’ Authority (GSA) has initiated processes to develop Unique Value prepositions tailored to various categories of shippers.

This initiative is designed to facilitate access to needed services provided by the GSA while simultaneously reducing port & cargo destination costs. Mr. Kwesi Baffour Sarpong, the Chief Executive Officer of GSA, announced this during a Breakfast Meeting with Shippers held in Takoradi, Western region.

The Breakfast Meeting, convened by Mr. Sarpong, signifies a strategic effort to fortify the GSA’s relationship with shippers, with a specific emphasis on enhancing value throughout the cargo shipment and delivery process.

The inaugural session of this gathering in Takoradi included intimate one-on-one sessions between the CEO and shippers including those whose annual import/export volumes exceed $20 million and are situated within the Western Zone.

Mr. Sarpong underscored the significant economic impact of shippers, & hence the prioritisation of their needs. He said going forward, GSA is considering assigning Relationship Managers to some category of shippers as part of the revisioning and raligning agenda to create value for shippers at Ghana’s various ports in real time.

He outlined the GSA’s overarching objective: “to drastically reduce port costs outside  of statutory costs including cost items like clearance expenses, container deposits, demurrage fees, and other avoidable charges, while also providing institutional support through permit acquisition/exemptions and proactive alerts” among other initiatives.

Mrs. Agnes Asamoah-Duku, Head of the GSA’s Western Zonal Office, affirmed the organisation’s commitment to open dialogue with shippers to swiftly address any challenges they encounter.

The shippers expressed gratitude to GSA for prioritizing their needs, and pledged to be active participants of the various zonal Shipper Committees to contribute their quota to the improvement of the sector.

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