‘Embrace challenges, cultivate learning culture ‘

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Publicis Groupe Africa, Koo Govender, has urged women to embrace challenges, cultivate a culture of learning and garner mutual support to get them to excel in what they do.

 “Women’s leadership is not a nicety, it’s a necessity. We need more women in leadership positions to bring diversity, inclusivity, and creativity to the corporate world,” she said.

The inaugural Leading Woman Forum, hosted by Publicis West Africa and partners, brought together trailblazing women leaders to share their journeys, insights, and advice.

The forum inspired participants to pursue their aspirations with resilience and confidence, shaping a brighter future for women in leadership.

A panel of distinguished women leaders from various sectors discussed their paths to success, overcoming obstacles, and empowering others.

Seasoned journalist, Vivian Kai Lokko, encouraged women to be deliberate about lifting other women at the workplace, citing her own experience as the head of business news. She argued that women must be their own cheerleaders and not see themselves as adversaries.

Chief Financial Officer of MTN Ghana, Antoinette Kwofie, emphasized that women at the top of leadership must empower other women to replace them.

She entreated women to see their male counterparts as partners, not competitors, to create a better world.

CEO of Soronko Academy, Regina Honu, urged women to adopt technology to create their own careers and believe in themselves. She shared her experience of working with partners to empower girls with ICT skills, highlighting the importance of collaboration.

A representative from Amnesty International Ghana,  Stephany Boateng, emphasized the importance of women speaking up against discrimination at all levels and advocating for equality and inclusion across the country.

She stressed that everyone could play a role in ensuring women have equal rights in their communities and workplaces, and that women should not feel excluded from the workplace due to harassment and abuse.

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