GhanaPay enhances services with new features

The Ghana Inter-Bank Payments and Settlement System (GhIPSS), in collaboration with the Ghana Association of Banks, has launched several new functionalities for the GhanaPay Mobile Money Wallet.

The move aligns with the brand’s promise to enable customers to “do more their way.”

Business Development Executive at GhIPSS, Mr Samuel Darko said the new features demonstrate its commitment to innovation and customer convenience.

“These new features demonstrate our commitment to innovation and customer convenience. We are dedicated to empowering our customers to perform financial transactions effortlessly and efficiently,” he said.

 Standing Instructions

This allows users to transfer funds on schedule to another individual or settle recurring bills

Sponsored Wallet service

Enables users to allocate funds to a beneficiary for direct spending


Allows users to establish or join groups to pool resources for various campaigns or projects

 GhanaPay Merchant Payments

They enable businesses to receive money from any bank account or mobile money wallet

The features aim to simplify financial transactions, promote financial inclusion, and enhance the overall user experience on the GhanaPay platform.

Explaining the significance of the GhanaPay Money Service to stakeholders in the financial inclusion space,

“The mobile money service by itself was to address the unbanked situation that we have in the country, Chief Executive Officer of GhIPSS, Mr Archie Hesse recalled that from inception, it was the telcos that had been leading it and then the fintechs also got involved. The banks then said that the mobile money platform had become a very convenient tool.

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