Personal protection of data key – Quintin

Director, Regulatory and Compliance at the Data Protection Commission, Mr Akrobetu Quintin has emphasised the importance of personal responsibility in data privacy and security for both employers and employees in organisations.

He encouraged individuals to take an active role in protecting their personal data, rather than relying solely on others to do so

.Speaking at a seminar organised by the Ghana Employers Association (GEA), Mr Quintin said protecting one’s data promotes a mindset of personal responsibility and empowerment in the management of one’s own data privacy and security.

Principal Manager responsible for Capacity Building and Awareness Creation at the Cyber Security Authority, Mr Eric Bansah urged individuals not to be oblivious of the digital era they find themselves in. They should be alive to their surroundings and beware of the activities of criminals, establishing clear boundaries between personal and work life to minimize the risk of bringing personal threats into the workplace.

He advised both employees and employers to stay up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity threats and best practices through training and awareness programmes.

Mr Bansah charged workers to respect the ownership and confidentiality of organizational data, and only access or share it as authorized.

Chief Executive Officer of the GEA, Mr Alex Frimpong urged employers to prioritise cybersecurity and data protection within their operations.

He stressed the importance of regular training on cyber security and data protection , noting that the skills and strategies developed during training sessions, “are critical in protecting not just our businesses, but also the rights and freedoms of all individuals whose data we manage.”

“Our collective effort is crucial in fostering a culture of trust and responsibility that will resonate throughout our industries and beyond,” Mr Frimpong added.

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