GEA’s Female Future Programme graduates 64 female talents

The Ghana Employers Association (GEA) continues to equipped women in various leadership positions in corporate Ghana with leadership skills through its Female Future Programme (FFP).

The FFP, a leadership and boardroom competency development programme was launched in 2019 with support from the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise as part of the GEA’s efforts to champion gender inclusion, diversity and decent work in Ghana,

Speaking at the 3rd Annual Leadership Conference in Accra Acting President of the GEA, Nana Dr Adu Sarkodie was unhappy with the fast that women continued to encounter significant obstacles that impede their advancement into top-tier positions in Ghana and across Africa.

 He charged the graduates to do well to excel and make a difference in their organisations.

The programme has been a beacon of transformation, empowering women with leadership skills necessary to ascend to senior roles, including boardroom positions.

In the course of the conference, 64 female talents who were nominated by their employers for the programme graduated, bringing the number of females trained in the programme to 275 since 2019.

He praised the graduands for their significant achievements.

“It is my sincere hope that you will apply the extensive knowledge and skills gained to enhance your careers and support your organizations for the collective benefit. I wish to commend my colleagues and employers’ community who nominated and continue to nominate their female employees to participate in this programme,” he added .

The unwavering commitment of employers clearly demonstrated their  support for gender equality, female empowerment, and workplace diversity and inclusion.

 Nana Sarkodie encouraged employers across the country to incorporate  the FFP and the development of the female talent into their strategic planning.

Deputy Attorney-General and Deputy Minister for Justice, Ms Diana Asonaba Dapaah observed that through the FFP, “we have witnessed the transformation of countless women. From timid beginnings to confident leaders, from uncertainty to purpose. We have seen women excel in STEM fields, rise to executive positions, and start their businesses.”

She remarked that she was particularly proud of the work of the FemaleFutureDevelopmentProgramme, notingthat though relatively young, since its inception, the programme had successfully graduated several  participants to become better leaders, structure convincing arguments, have influence, and negotiate successfully in the BOARDROOM and beyond.

Through the transformative power of mentorship and training, the Future Leaders Programme had successfully empowered a growing number of women to assume leadership roles, amplifying their voices and perspectives.

“By providing a supportive platform for professional growth and development, this programme has enabled women to break barriers, shatter stereotypes, and assume positions of influence. As a result, their voices, and ideas are being heard and valued, and their leadership is making a positive impact in various sectors. The Future Leaders Programme has proven to be a catalyst for gender equality, diversity, and inclusion, and its impact will continue to resonate for generations to come,” She stated.

She pointed out that the journey to equality and empowerment was a continuous one, and it is our collective responsibility to ensure that the next generation of leaders are equipped with the valuable skills, knowledge, and confidence to make their impact.

The Deputy AG pledged that government would continue to create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and was committed to upholding the rule of law and providing equitable access to justice for individuals, organizations, and the business community.

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