EU reaffirms support for Ghanaian businesses, encourages investment in non-traditional value chains

The European Union (EU) has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting Ghanaian businesses, encouraging them to explore investment opportunities especially   in non-traditional value chains under the EU’s Global Gateway Strategy.

The assurance was given at the ongoing Ghana-EU Business Forum in Accra, where businesses are engaging and finalizing deals.

The forum, themed “Fostering Investment in Non-Traditional Value Chains,” aims to promote economic growth and development in Ghana.

Deputy Director General of the European Commission, Myriam Ferran, urged businesses to capitalize on the investment opportunities offered by the EU under the Global Gateway initiative.

She stated, “we aim at supporting value addition in Ghana and for this, our trade relations are extremely important. So we stand as the second trade partner of Ghana and our objective is to remain so, or even increase. to support the development of trade and European investment, FDI, in the country with the objective of creating growth and jobs in Ghana.  And this is ultimately our real objective and the objective of the Global Gateway Strategy is to create richness, create growth in our partner country.”

Madam Ferran emphasised that the strategy was to help Ghana and us (0:46) meet the sustainable development goals. (0:49) So the objective of this meeting (0:52) is to continue on this journey (0:54) and try to identify concrete investment (0:57) and trade opportunities between the European Union and Ghana (1:02) that we are working on and have been developed so far.

Madam Ferran touched on ongoing EU-funded projects in Ghana and urged increased collaboration between the EU and the private sector in Ghana.

The EU’s support is expected to boost Ghana’s economy, create jobs, and enhance the country’s global competitiveness.

The Ghana-EU Business Forum provides a platform for businesses to network, share ideas, and explore potential partnerships.

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