TGMA urged to introduce Female Artiste of the Year Category

Mr. Kwame Baah, CEO of Yve Digital, has made a passionate appeal for the introduction of a Female Artiste of the Year category in the prestigious Telecel Ghana Music Awards (TGMA). According to Baah, this dedicated category would foster healthy competition, encourage more women to pursue music, and acknowledge the outstanding contributions of female artistes in the industry.

Baah, who has worked with numerous female artistes, believes that recognizing their efforts and achievements will make them feel valued and appreciated. “Female artistes put in immense effort, often surpassing their male counterparts. It’s time we acknowledge and celebrate their hard work,” he emphasized.

In a male-dominated industry, Baah believes that women face significant challenges, making it essential to create a platform that empowers and motivates them to excel. “Talented female musicians deserve recognition, and this category will inspire them to reach greater heights,” he said.

Although two female artistes, Ebony and Diana Hamilton, have won the main Artiste of the Year award in the past, Baah urges the TGMA Academy to consider introducing a separate Female Artiste of the Year category in the next edition. This move, he believes, will promote gender equality and celebrate the unique contributions of female artistes in Ghana’s music industry.

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