From head pans to skills training: NPP’s progressive approach to empowering young women


When the announcement came that government would build training facilities for head porters, many were those who doubted it, especially political opponents of the NPP

In local parlance, the head porters are referred to as “ kayeyei “. They are people who help to carry things or goods in the market places for those who go to shop in the market.

The head porters usually come from the northern parts of the country to the southern parts to seek for greener pastures. They come down to the south because conditions up north are usually unfavourable for their survival.

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These people usually find themselves in very difficult situations when they arrive to work in various market. They usually do not have places to sleep and many of them are often found sleeping on verandas or in open places.

As a result, many men take advantage of the situation to make them pregnant to worsen their plight. The babies that are born are carried on the backs of their mothers and these young mothers go about to continue carrying loads walking from place to place in various parts of the market.

An appropriate intervention is therefore needed to save these young women from this unfortunate situation. This is because life can not be allowed to continue for them in this harsh manner.

During the time of former president John Mahama, he distributed head pans to these porters. What this meant was that they were expected to continue to work in this same harsh manner until their death. Probably, their children were also expected to continue in this same miserable journey of life.

Under the administration of president Akufo – Addo and Vice President Bawumia, training facilities have been put up to train the young women in various skills. Some of the skills training are soap making, hair dressing, tye and dye making and so on.

The facilities are in form of hostels. The hostels have beds and classrooms as well as other facilities to help in the training.

At the end of the training the trainees will be given relevant support, including allowance to establish their own business. Those who train in bead-making, for example, will be given the materials needed for their business start-up. This is a more realistic way of addressing the problem.

The government must therefore be commended for coming out with this appropriate intervention. It will go a long way to help our young women to establish themselves in business or vocation.

Another significant point to note is that, our young women will no longer have to depend on others for pity or for survival. This is good.

In addition, they will be able to earn enough money not only for themselves but for their parents and other family members. These are bold solutions we need for our young people.

If things continue in this way, and we know that they will,  progress will be made steadily in this country. The NPP government is very responsible for the upkeep of people so we all need to support it and ensure that their good policies are fully implemented to their logical conclusion.

Socioeconomic development is possible for this country so let us be hopeful and play our parts to help our government to succeed, forgetting about all naysayers who want to turn back the clock of progress.

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